Full Automation Onetime Payment

  • Access to GSM Supplier
  • Ad account Manager (Ad Buyer)
  • Access to the team 7 days a week
  • Will test up to 10 products per month
  • Build and maintain your store on Shopify.
  • Copywriting for your product descriptions
  • Launching advertising campaigns via Facebook or TikTok
  • We will pick the niches (unless you have some you want us to test)
  • You will need to have at least a $600/month ad budget
  • Personal VA for fulfillment and customer service
  • You are an investor. GSM is your maintenance and management team
  • Professional designers will work on unique creatives for your store and ads to have the highest chances for fast scaling


The files will be sent on your email address you mention in checkout.

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Ad copy is one of the most important parts in advertising. Perfect template for your ads with examples inside! Just read , implement and start running ads.

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How to understand who is your customer? Answer is inside, together with products which will make a difference between you and other players on market!

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Customers Live Results

This entrepreneur going from 0 to $100k in sales! Want to achieve similar results in ecommerce?

This is why passion and hustle build empires | $270,000 dropshipping case study

This guy made $130,000 with Shopify dropshipping! | Ecommerce online business

The Journey from 0 to $300,000

How we beat $100,000 threshold

We tested out over 100 ad creatives!

Which Package is Best for You?

We've strategically designed each package to get our clients the best result depending on their unique situation.

Who is Our "Full Automation Onetime Payment" Package for?

This package is designed specifically for those entrepreneurs who are serious about developing their business and want to save money at the investment stages.

You don’t have to be good at design, product research, or something else to create a profitable store. You just need to have a long-term business mindset, and you understand that the right team of workers running the business over a consistent period of time is critical to any start-up business.

You will get not only the chance to communicate directly with our team of top marketers, but you’ll also have access to our entire list of services as we work with you!

Take advantage of our full-service strategies and our *Extra Pro Features* to start your growth in the e-Commerce industry right now.

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