With an awesome product and a community full of potential buyers, you could have the complete winning combination, but if you can’t reach your audience, then it doesn’t matter, does it?

Facebook has turned from a place where people check on their friends and family to a powerful marketing engine in the last decade. And this power only gets stronger. You can reach your perfect clients in their news feed every day at the hours they’re most likely to respond to your message if you know what you’re doing. So if you want to grow your business with advertising, the Facebook ads platform is one of the best places.

In this article, you’ll learn a low-budget Facebook ads strategy for eCommerce that will lead you and your business to your first successful campaign.

Low-budget Facebook Ads strategy for eCommerce | GSM Growth Agency
Low-budget Facebook Ads strategy for eCommerce | GSM Growth Agency

This article is based on my experience and the experience of Golden Stream Media Agency. It is good for low-budget Facebook Ads testing strategy. So in the end you’ll be able to get several ad winners.

First, let me explain to you something about the algorithm.

Everything starts with a price, so if you show Facebook that you are able to pay a hundred dollars per purchase, the algorithm will charge that amount of money. On the other hand, if you show Facebook that you are able to pay only 40 or 50 dollars per purchase, the algorithm starts to find customers at that price or even lower.

You need to understand this logic before you start spending money on Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores.

When you are starting from scratch with Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Facebook has no data on your niche, your product, your store, or your audience, so in the beginning, the algorithm will spend more to get results faster. And if your ad account is able to pay – Facebook’s algorithm will charge you more and more. But the more money you spend doesn’t mean you’ll find a winning ad or product. From my experience, and our agency’s efforts, my students and partners’ efforts – big budget at the start does not give you a guarantee that you’ll find a winning ad or a product quickly. It only guarantees that you’ll get higher cost per purchase.

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This low-budget Facebook Ads strategy for eCommerce is used even by big companies when they start testing new ad campaigns with a budget near $50 at the beginning. They start increasing the budget only when they see what ad creatives work for them.

We, in Golden Stream Media, use a 40 to 50 dollars budget at the testing phase or as a starting point. This amount is enough to start showing your ads and see if they are going to work or not. It will show if that product is a potential winner or loser.  

As we finish with the budget, let’s move next through the Facebook Ads campaign setup.

Facebook Ads, is only one of the point you need to pay attention in eCommerce. More about expenses of an online store in the article.

Use the right location. Depending on what you sell and where you can ship, there are three common options for location:

– first one, the United States only
– the second, United States and Canada
– and the third one, the Big Five (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain). The Big Five countries usually work the best for us because we never know how the customers in different markets will react to the product.

Check placements where your ad will appear. Facebook and Instagram feeds are still the most effective placements. But you need to understand clearly your funnel. Maybe it would be good for you to add other placements to reach more customers.

Target your key audience. Detailed targeting extension needs to be off on your end. Using gender targeting mostly depends on the logic of your product. If it's a general product, we're going to keep females and males together, if it's a product only for men or women, choose the relevant option.

The next step is to choose the right age, and there is no magic formula there, it also depends on the product. When you see a product which is related to a grandmother or parents who have teenagers in the family, why would you test 18 plus age? Obviously, it's supposed to be 35 at least and above.

Start choosing the right interests of your audience. Use up to five direct interests related exactly to your product in one ad set. For the second ad set, use five broad interests in this niche in general. For the third ad set, you can look for interests that are related to your product but in another niche.

In the latest video >>, I share valuable advice about the campaign and ad sets organization for low-budget Facebook Ads strategy for eCommerce that help me and GSM Growth Agency clients to sell more.