Today, millions of businesses operate on the Shopify eCommerce platform. The reason for that is simple: it’s cheap, easy to use, and comes with plenty of features out of the box. In addition, not every new entrepreneur wants to operate a physical retail store. Even if you do, perhaps you don’t want one at this stage in your business lifecycle. If that’s the case, then Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform for launching your products quickly and easily.

Read on to discover 5 steps you need to take before launching a new product on Shopify and get the very best advice from the CEO of GSM Growth Agency – Anatoliy Labinskiy.

5 steps to take before launching a new product on Shopify | GSM Growth Agency
5 steps to take before launching a new product on Shopify | GSM Growth Agency

Make sure you check these 5 steps before you invest in advertising your new product on Shopify:

1. Understand your audience before launching a new product on Shopify

Before you add a new item to your store, imagine who your customers will be and what they will want. A dog product, for example, would only be appealing to dog lovers or someone who frequently attends dog-related events. You need to be able to imagine what movies your customers would like to see or what kind of events they would attend in order to create an effective advertisement.

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2. Conduct proper research to create the avatar of your client

How to conduct proper research? In order to answer this question, let’s look at an example of dog clothing. This is something that is not really necessary, and even not every dog’s owner wants that. This is a specific product, that could be very popular in certain seasons. In autumn or winter, it’s a super hot product. So the first thing you need to understand how this product is going to be sold.

It is OK to make business on seasonal products – you can make quick cash at least. But to stay in business you need to find new products every season, which could be a bit pricey.

Here is an example. In my agency, Golden Stream Media, we had a case with the dog’s clothing niche. In the autumn, we started to make crazy sales in Europe and the United States. But after the middle of January, people stopped buying at all. We made already six-figure profits and preparing to scale further, but everything just started to drop. And the reason was simple: the season was about to end. So my advice is to choose the correct product for the entire year.

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3. Learn what your successful competitors are doing

The important thing is to master the strategies of successful competitors in order to enlarge your target market. One method is to observe ads displayed by successful competitors and see what they are doing right now. You can analyze what ads are currently running and what creatives are most suitable for your public. You can recognize what works for others, so you will also recognize what could work for you. While you’re checking ads – you can understand the thoughts, pains, and benefits of your target audience. So it would be much easier for you to create your own ad copy with an ideal message for your target audience.

4. Create your ad copy that fits perfectly for your audience

When you're creating ad copy, create different text with different angles. For example, if you're going to focus on people who have a problem, but they're not aware of the solution – it will be one message. If people are aware of the product and solution – you need to talk with them in another way. And there are people who are not aware of the solution, they're not aware of the problem, they're just aware about the product. You need to convene a different message to each sub-audience to achieve the best results in your campaigns.

5. Adapt your message to different platforms

It is very important to understand the audience you are working with. It helps you to create the best content that fits perfectly for different platforms, starting with the right keywords for your search ads to the very best hooks in your TikTok videos.

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5 steps to take before launching a new product on Shopify | GSM Growth Agency