When you’re starting a dropshipping business, you might be tempted to source as many products as you can and see how much demand there is for them. After all, the more products you sell, the more money your business can make, right? Wrong!

Not every product is suitable for dropshipping. While everyone is talking about what kind of product you have to test in spring, summer, winter etc., today I’ll share 5 items you should avoid at selling at all. Yes… These 5 types of products you should not sell in your dropshipping business or be prepared to lose your money.

Do not dropship these 5 items | GSM Growth Agency
Do not dropship these 5 items | GSM Growth Agency

The key to success with dropshipping is recognizing which products sell well and which ones don’t. Avoid these five categories of goods if you want your business to thrive rather than merely survive.

1. Glass products

There are so many awesome lights, vases and a lot of things which are made from the glass. These products look amazing and it is very easy to find great ones. But if you ask me to give you one piece of advice about dropshipping any kind of glass product, I’ll said – don’t do it!

Why? Because the danger of damaging your brand is simply too great when dealing with fragile items such as glass goods. Even though they can be packaged in smaller boxes and shipped more efficiently than other types of goods, the high risk of breakage will almost certainly outweigh the potential benefits. Especially, when you are not checking your supplier and can’t guarantee chargeback for your customers.

2. Shoes

One of my favorite niches because. I have made over 7 figures in the past with my shoe store.
People require shoes all the time, and the #1 problem with this item is the sizing chart. You must get in touch with your supplier to learn real sizing and modify metrics in your store. You may run into trouble with the traditional shoes if they smell like low-quality plastic. They look cool in the picture—glossy and trendy—but when the box is opened, you may realize that these pairs aren’t made from leather

3. Bulky products

The next class of products includes those that are massive and have huge weight or height. Please double-check the shipping cost, shipping method, and other factors when advertising this product. In most circumstances, you will have to pay extra for shipping. This is the most crucial factor. It’s also very difficult to ship this sort of thing, and it takes a long time to arrive for your customer. That was a big problem when we started generating huge 6 figure revenue, but realised that we lost a lot of money in the end because of the extra shipping costs.

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4. Cheap products

I’ve learned the hard way that selling items for $1, $2, $3, and so on is not a good idea. You should not sell cheap items in your store. I’ll give you an example to show you why. You want to make $1,000 in sales on your store, but you are selling items for $20 or less. It would be difficult, not easy. You would receive two to five emails a day asking for changes or corrections to their orders: ‘Can you change the colour?’, ‘Can you change the size?’, ‘Can you change the address for me?’, and so on.

Imagine how much more difficult it would be to scale if we had to handle 100 items a day or more? Even if you have a great support team, it would be difficult to manage all the letters, and customers would only ask for assistance rather than make new orders.

5. Replica products

Finally, one more important type of product which I highly recommend never-ever-ever advertise. It’s the replica products, which are copies of well-known brands. It will look good initially. It will seem like an easy way to make money. However, when you expand, you might lose a lot.

The video provides more examples and covers the subject in more depth.

Do not dropship these 5 items | GSM Growth Agency